Birthday Cakes 4 Free

April 12, 2017

Birthday Cakes 4 Free, founded in 2008, is an organization that bakes and transports cakes for children and seniors who couldn’t normally afford a cake for their birthday. They have several chapters open across the country, each with volunteers who bake cakes designed specifically for the customer’s needs. Each baking volunteer can put their own spin on the recipe and cake decorations, and the company’s website has several resources in case you don’t yet know how to bake cakes. In addition to baking, volunteers also transport cakes, market for the company, or manage donations. In Santa Cruz, students can get involved simply by emailing our local chapter manager at and you can help to brighten other people’s birthdays. Even though Birthday Cakes 4 Free has services around the US, it was founded by a local woman who, despite not knowing a thing about baking, used her passion for helping others to create a fun way to give back to her community. Not only does volunteering here improve your baking skills, you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you made someone’s birthday memorable.