2017 Volunteer Fair

November 13, 2017

Saajia, Huong, and Julian at the 2017 Volunteer Fair

Huong's Experience

The Student Volunteer Center’s annual fall quarter Volunteer Fair took place on October 25th in the Quarry Plaza. Over 50 organizations attended, and some student clubs on campus participated as well. Despite the spike in temperature for the day, everyone did their best to outreach and network, whether between organizations and students or even between the organizations themselves. Every representative present was passionate and purposeful in their missions and that community of change was very inspiring to see. As a third year student there were many organizations in attendance that were fairly known in the community, but what was great about the fair is that smaller programs and organizations had the chance to connect with students and get their name out into the community as well. Students were able to gather a variety of knowledge and opportunities from different types of organizations to fit their own unique interests and passions. The fair was also a great opportunity for SVC to not only promote the office as a resource on campus but to also exemplify our efforts to connect students to local organizations. Instead of acting as a mediator, the Volunteer Fair enabled students to connect directly with volunteer coordinators and events all over the Santa Cruz area.

Julian's Experience

On September 25, 2017, the Student Volunteer Center hosted the Volunteer Fair. More than 50 organizations from across Santa Cruz came to network with UC Santa Cruz students to teach them about their organization, their cause, and how they could potentially get involved. Despite the very warm weather conditions and a shortage of volunteers, the event proved to be a success. The SVC directors and the SVC interns all demonstrated professionalism when it came to setting up, welcoming guests, and taking down. Everyone was moving, doing something. It was a good environment to work in. As I asked the various organizations if they were getting signups, many of them, if not, all of them, would say “yes!” This is a very good sign. It was difficult to keep track of who actually attended due to a constant flow of people at Quarry Plaza, but, nonetheless, that was the good part about the fair. It was open to the public, giving the organizations who participated a much larger range of people who could potentially be interested. I, personally, also, really thought the selection of organizations was diverse and vast. It was not only organizations focused on volunteering, but, also organizations who offered internship opportunities, and some, even career opportunities! Overall, I thought the fair went well and I think it is an excellent opportunity for UC Santa Cruz students to learn more about what is going on in their community.

Saajia's Experience

On Wednesday October 25th, the Student Volunteer Center hosted its annual Volunteer Fair. Over 50 organizations came out to UC Santa Cruz to connect with students about various volunteer opportunities. The Quarry was buzzing with excitement as these organizations got the chance to promote their cause and educate students on what it means to be a volunteer and how to get involved. These various organizations were eager to find UCSC students who would fit their volunteer needs. Although the heat played a number on the day, it didn’t stop curious students to take a stroll through the parade of tents lined up in the Quarry. At the end of the day, both students and the organizations left UCSC feeling content with the connections they had made. The Student Volunteer Center is a student-run organization that works to bridge the gap between students and local Santa Cruz community. The Volunteer Fair is a great opportunity for both students and organizations to explore their interests and network. If you are a student and feel confused on how to get involved and contribute your time, I would recommend coming out to the Volunteer Fair or checking out volunteer.ucsc.edu for more opportunities!