Meet the Team!

    Student Development Director

  • Picture of Director:  Sierra Berg

    Sierra Berg (She/Her/Hers)

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Sierra Berg, and I am this year’s UCSC SVC Development Director! I am a 4th year Sociology major with minors in Education and Latin American/Latinx Studies. 

    I have always had a passion for community service and mentorship, so I look forward to bringing those interests to this position. I look forward to using this unusual context of the pandemic/etc to give our interns an opportunity to get to know their own communities through volunteerism. 

    Some fun facts about me: 

    • I love giraffes and seriously wish I could own one
    • Both my first and last name mean “mountain” in different languages
    • A chai latte is the key to my heart

    Go Slugs!

  • Operations Director

  • Picture of Director: Joshua-Anh Le

    Joshua-Anh Le (He/Him or They/Them)

    Hey, y’all, My name is Joshua-Anh Le and I am a 3rd-year Politics Major. I am currently SVC’s new Operations Director for this year and I am looking forward to working with y’all this year. Some random things about me would be I love pineapple and sleeping too much and my favorite color is Pastel Blue!

    My hope for the SVC this year is to better adapt the organization to deal with working remotely and finding more volunteering opportunities for UCSC students while at home or on campus. I also want to be more involved and give back to the community in many ways, especially during this pandemic.

  • Programs Director

  • Picture of Director: Sarah Avdeeff

    Sarah Avdeeff ( She/Her/Hers)

    Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I go by she/her. I’m a third-year EEB major. I absolutely love to run and backpack. I’m involved with Kresge Parliament. I also have a passion for investing and exploring real estate. In the future, I hope to run a non-profit of my own. I’d like to provide showers and laundry to the homeless in a permanent location. This year I’m greatly looking forward to increasing the number of programs we produce. I’m excited to be engaged with all of the eager volunteers out there!