Meet SVC

    Vivian Bossieux-Skinner

  • Vivian


    Vivian Bossieux-Skinner is a third year affiliated with Cowell college and is majoring in History of Art and Visual Culture. Vivian is passionate about volunteerism and community service and as part of the SVC team is excited to work with students on campus and the surrounding Santa Cruz community to make our community an even better place. At the SVC, Vivian is the contact person for any questions regarding the internship, CSP Grants, outreach, and general SVC questions.

  • Alexandra Dami

  • Alexandra

    Programs Director

    Alexandra Dami is a fourth year affiliate of Cowell College and is majoring in Psychology. As a Bay Area resident, Alex was able to be a part of organizations such as Special Olympics of Northern California, the Blue Star Moms, and the Concord and Solano County Food Bank. In high school she started her own charity event, Caroling for Food, raising 8,000 pounds of food yearly for the Concord and Solano County Food Bank. Volunteering and hosting her own charity event has given Alex experience with managing large events as well as working with peers and organizations. Alex is excited for her third year to be working with the SVC team and bringing events to UCSC.

  • Laura Wishart

  • Laura

    Spring 2017 Intern

    Laura is a third-year Kresge affiliate majoring in Sociology with a minor in Politics. She is passionate about volunteering as a way to strengthen community bonds and has previously volunteered with the SUA Office of External Affairs lobbying our elected representatives on behalf of student issues. She loves volunteering with the UCSC CARE office as well, which offers confidential support, advocacy, resources and violence prevention education on campus. Laura also interns at the UCSC Women's Center developing programs that address issues faced by women across different intersections of identity. As the Director Intern, she is looking forward to helping with the CSP grant program and meeting new people in the Santa Cruz community.

  • Lydia Jenkins-Sleczkowski

  • Lydia

    Spring 2017 Intern

    Lydia Jenkins-Sleczkowski is a first-year affiliate of Cowell College majoring in Environmental Studies. In her hometown of San Francisco, Lydia had the opportunity to volunteer as Management Director of MoveAbout Theater, a student-run company that brought free theater to the parks of the city. She also volunteered for her high school's Peer Mentoring program, which paired upperclassmen with incoming freshmen, and regularly participated in events run through the drama department. Lydia is excited to plan events that will connect UCSC to the greater Santa Cruz community and share the SVC mission with students during her time as Programs Director Intern.

  • Eric Poels

  • Eric

    Spring 2017 Intern

    Eric Poels is a third year affiliated with Cowell College and is majoring in Computer Science. In his hometown of Novato, he volunteered with the county to help out with the annual festival of Art and Music. Eric is excited to meet with students and community members, who are both passionate and curious about volunteering. By connecting these individuals to new and exciting opportunities, Eric hopes to enhance their Santa Cruz experience, and make the community an even better place. As the Operation Director Intern, Eric is responsible for maintaining the website and keeping in contact with organizations through the Current Volunteer Opportunities.


  • Clorissa Williams

  • Clorissa

    Spring 2017 Intern

    Clorissa Williams is a third year affiliated with College Nine and is double majoring in Sociology and Biology B.A. In her hometowns of Vallejo and Sacramento, building a soft spot for reproductive health and kids, Clorissa has volunteered for reproductive health clinics such as Planned Parenthood, Women Health Specialists and has volunteered for after school programs. While volunteering for these organizations, Clorissa has also volunteered at her high school’s freshman orientations transitioning middle schoolers into high school. Continuing her endeavors at UCSC, Clorissa has volunteered as a College Nine and Ten college guide for the past two years helping transition frosh into the college community. She also holds a position for organizations on campus such as Nourish. From the SVC internship, Clorissa hopes to build relationships with both the on and off campus community, as well to gaining more office experience and enhance personal skills.

  • Nathaniel Ng

  • Nathaniel

    Spring 2017 Intern

    Nathaniel Ng is a third year student affiliated with Rachel Carson (formerly Eight) college and is majoring in History, with a concentrations in Americas and Africa, and minoring in Education. Nathaniel is passionate about education and aspires to be an teacher. He also volunteers at the on-campus Bike Coop and is a member of the Slug Cycling team. As an SVC intern, he is excited to immerse himself in the community and support local organizations as well as SVC operations.

  • Emily Martinez

  • Emily

    Spring 2017 Intern

    Emily Martinez is a second year Porter affiliate. She is currently majoring in linguistics. Most of her volunteer work is focused on children and specific community efforts. In her hometown, she volunteered with organizations such as CSF, MRNC and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Through BBBS she was able to communicate with children in elementary school and help them with homework and personal problems. While in this program she was awarded Big Sister of the year and formed a close bond with the young girl she was mentoring. She currently volunteers for the Early Childhood Care facility and has gained many professional qualities such as communication, and event coordination. Through the SVC internship Emily hopes to build a connection with the UCSC and Santa Cruz community, as well as further develop her social, professional and communication skills.