Garima's Experience as an SVC intern

January 23, 2017

Garima Intern

These last few months, I have been an intern at the Student Volunteer Center. Being an intern is not an easy task. I have put in countless hours have been put into this internship: doing office work, putting up flyers, and stressing out about different activities. However, through this internship, I was able to strengthen my teamwork skills, gain professional experience, and be able to meet new people.

Through my internship, I had to work with the other two interns a lot. There is a minimum requirement of ten hours per week, so the other interns and I ended being in the office very often. I got to get to know the other interns a lot. Together we had to deal with the stresses of our internship, along with club activities and our studies. This created a strong bond between us, and I am happy to say that this led us to become good friends. Working with the interns, helped me strengthen my teamwork skills. Together we had to create a fundraiser to support a local nonprofit organization. Despite having some issues with the planning of the fundraiser, we managed to pull through and completely sell out of milk tea. The ups and downs of the fundraiser process taught me a lot about effectively communicating and working in a team. Skills that will help me when I encounter in a professional environment again later in life.

This internship also allowed to get to know the community a little better. I spent hours tabling at events such as the Volunteer Fair and the Meal Plan Flexi Dollar Drive. Which allowed me to go out of my comfort zone to talk to other students. It also allowed me to meet new people, and learn a little bit more about how to effectively communicate to others. I had to visit nonprofit organizations outside of the Student Volunteer Center, and through this process, I met some amazing people. People who dedicate their lives to the nonprofit organizations that they run, which is very admirable. Being able to meet different with amazing backgrounds and a great cause has been a very impactful and eye-opening experience for me. Overall, the Student Volunteer Center Internship has allowed me to create new experiences that will stay with me in the long run.