Megan's Internship Experience

June 07, 2019

By Megan Neelley, Spring 2019 Intern 


Interning with the Student Volunteer Center was a very different experience than I had imagined.  When I applied for this position, I knew very little about the Student Volunteer Center. All I really knew was that it provided students with resources to connect with volunteer opportunities in the Santa Cruz community.

When starting my internship, I quickly learned that the Student Volunteer Center was much more than just a resource center. They provide the students with the opportunity to not only get more involved with volunteering but also fund their volunteer projects, recognize their service, and also interact with other organizations on campus.

This internship allowed me to develop skills that I felt that I lacked such as creativity, advertising, and outreach. I was able to express my creativity more through creating posters and flyers while also coming up with ideas for outreach and fundraising events. I also learned the importance of advertising through flyering and social media to let people know about events and information. I was also able to develop skills in outreach by sharing about the SVC and their programs to students as well as sharing about Community Connection, the organization we fundraised for.

Overall, my internship with the Student Volunteer Center was very different than I had imagined. I was able to develop a more well-rounded skill set and work on areas that I felt weak in.  I was also able to work collaboratively with other students and organizations within the Santa Cruz community.