Agency Name Transformative Change
Categories Environment & Nature
Contact Name Svani
Agency Email
Agency Address 2584 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
Agency Phone
Web Address
Office Hours Hours vary, call first
Distance from Campus 80 miles
Nearest Bus Lines 17 to San Jose, 181 Express, BART to Richmond
Mission Statement Transformative Change (XC) is dedicated to bridging the inner and outer lives of social change agents, activists and allies to support a more effective, more sustainable movement of justice for all.
Volunteer Duties Volunteer with us and learn more about inner practice work for social change agents. We’re looking for people who can work either locally or virtually. Here’s a sample of the kind of support we could use: handymen & women, gardeners, computer geeks, tech saavy people, wordsmiths & writers, marketing mavens, media support people, general admin/office support. We need help with things like signage, office organization, landscaping, carpentry, copyediting, writing, handling schedules, and helping with online media and promotion. If you’re interested in getting involved, send us your contact information, tell us what skills you have, the times you’re available to help out, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Have a set of skills not included here? Contact us anyway. We can probably find just the thing for you.
Notes Updated 5/18/17