Below are current or upcoming events that the Student Volunteer Center has put together. The order of the event correspond with the time of the event (the top being closer to current date or might have passed)

If you are a student and want to learn more, the poster should have all the information to contact and/or to register. If not, please contact us by clicking here.

If you are an organization (UCSC-affiliated Volunteer, service, community group, club and/or UCSC-affiliated Greek organization, as well as Student Government and College Government programs) and want to have your event feature here, please send your poster and all information through the contact us website.

If you have any concerns, and/or opinions regarding this page or events, please contact us and we'll help you reach out to the event organizer and/or appropriate person.


  • Currently, no organization(s) have asked to post their events and/or opportunities here. However, if you are interested in having your event posted here, leave us a message through our email or contact one of our Directors through the Contact Us page.

The Student Volunter Center at UC Santa Cruz always strive to serves the community of UC Santa Cruz as well as the general Santa Cruz community. If you have any questions and or concerns regarding accessability, please contact us.

These Events, otherwise noted, are not sponsored or hosted by the Student Volunteer Center at UC Santa Cruz but rather organizations and/or groups from the area. However, we will still help you find the information(s) and or contact the organization if needed.