SVC Flyering Program

  • The Student Volunteer Center provides a complementary flyering service for organizations in the Santa Cruz community that have events in need of volunteers.
  • If you have a flyer for a volunteer opportunity/event, feel free to email it to us and we will post it in black and white around campus.
  • If you would like it posted in color, feel free to drop off your own flyers at our office (Located in Hahn 245) as we cannot print in color.
  • Flyers typically go out on Monday or Tuesday of the week and hours are based on the quarter system schedule.
  • 47 copies cover all our route stops

*Please note that our flyering service is dependent on staff availability and scheduling around the quarter system. You are encouraged to reach out to well in advance to be sure the schedules will accomodate your event and for any timeline requests.

Requirements for Volunteer Opportunity Flyers

The following is a list of requirements for flyers to adhere to in order to be posted in the program. 
  • Due to budget constraints, we can only print flyers for 2 events per org per quarter. If your org requires more outreach, feel free to print and drop off 47 copies at our office and we will post them around campus. 

  • Please email us your flyer or drop of your fliers at least 2 weeks before the date of your event, so we distribute them to our interns and ensure they are posted on time. 
  • Flyers can list incentives but no guaranteed ongoing exchange of goods or services *at the discretion of the directors.

  • We can only print in black and white. If you require a color flyer feel free to print 47 copies and drop them off for us to post. 

  • Flyers must adhere to 1 page 8 ½ by 11

  • Suggestions: Visually appealing, no bulleted lists, the text should not be small font and not super lengthy, one page.

Requirements for Flyers that do not list a Volunteer Opportunities

  • For all flyers that do not list a volunteer opportunity, the organization/department must bring 47 flyers to 245 Hahn prior to the desired week of posting (we cannot print for non-volunteer opportunity flyers.)
  • On-campus departments can flyer for non-volunteer opportunities if they benefit students.

  • If a non-profit organization would like to have flyers distributed for an event that is not directly related to obtaining volunteers, but still benefits UCSC students, we will flyer for them.

  • If an organization wants to flyer for a non-volunteer event, the organization must be registered with our database.