SVC and Organizations

Our goal at the Student Volunteer Center is to connect students with volunteer opportunities on campus and in the Santa Cruz community. We believe volunteering enhances the learning experience, and allows students to become more thoughtful and engaged citizens who will work for social change.

To help students get involved, SVC publicizes local volunteer opportunities, maintains an online community organization database for students, and advises students searching for the perfect volunteer opportunity for their interests. SVC also sponsors campus events that promote volunteering and hosts student-run programs that coordinate volunteering activities for various causes

How to Get Involved

1) Register Your Organization

We encourage students to independently search for volunteer-based organizations within our online database. Since students filter their search by personal interest, be sure to register with all appropriate categories selected. Clearly state your organization's mission, along with consistent volunteer needs, and requirements within the 'Duties' section. 

2) Publicize One-Time Events 

Contact SVC with your one-time volunteer opportunities, including events in need of volunteer support, events for volunteering, or deadlines for program applications. Simply email us with event details and we will add the information to our e-newsletter that is sent to hundreds of students at the beginning of every month. 

3) Attend Our Volunteer Fair 

Held annually each fall, our Volunteer Fair gives UCSC students the opportunity to connect with community organizations. Join us for an afternoon in Quarry Plaza to promote your service efforts and meet students eager to fulfill your volunteer needs.

4) Keep in Contact 

Stay in touch with SVC to keep us updated on your organization's volunteer needs. SVC offers a posting service where the interns publicize your events around campus. We ask that if you would like to take advantage of this program, be sure that it is accessible to all students, it is aimed to strengthening the Santa Cruz community and/or relates to volunteering. If you are interested, please email a .pdf or .jpeg version of your flyer to These will be printed in black ink and colored paper, as resources are limited. If you would like SVC to print flyers for your organization to hand out, we will print a maximum of 41 sheets unless otherwise discussed. We look forward to receiving your posters!

Beyond the Basics

Recognize your student volunteers: We host a Service Recognition Ceremony each spring to recognize exemplary UCSC volunteers. Community members and community organization leaders have the opportunity to nominate students for an award. See the Service Recognition Ceremony page for event information, descriptions of the various awards, and nomination forms.

Group opportunities: Students, student organizations, and other groups at UCSC enjoy participating in group volunteer opportunities. If your organization has the capacity to host a group volunteer event, whether it’s serving food to the homeless, a beach clean-up, gardening, or painting that old room that just won’t paint itself, let us know! We can forward the information to eager groups.

Questions: We encourage you to contact us with any further questions you may have regarding how our organization can help you. Feel free to email, call, or visit us!