Alternative Spring Break

The mission of this program is to provide an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a community-based service-learning program over spring break. SVC hopes that this experience will allow participants to become more thoughtful and engaged citizens who will continue to work for social change.
Check back during Fall 2019 for more information about our ASB 2020 trip!

About ASB 2019: Seattle!

This March, SVC took our service-learning trip to Seattle, Washington to learn about communities that have been affected by displacement in the Pacific Northwest. Topics we covered included gentrification, Indigenous communities, undocumented folks, and youth. The cost was $300, with opportunities to subsidize fees.

The application was due on Thursday, January 10th at 5pm. ASB 2019 lasted from March 24-30 (Sunday through Saturday of UCSC spring break), and in addition participants engaged in a round of mandatory pre-trip meetings and trainings throughout winter quarter. 

Thank you to the extraordinary Seattle-based organizations and community members who hosted us throughout the week! Organizations we met and volunteered with included:

  • Chief Seattle Club
  • Compass Housing Alliance
  • United Indians of All Tribes Alliance and Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center
  • El Centro de la Raza
  • YouthCare
  • John Fox and the Seattle Displacement Coalition
  • Coalition of Anti Racist Whites (CARW)

A Day in the Life of an ASB Participant

ASB takes a group of 17 engaged, passsionate students and brings them to a new city to learn about social justice issues. We wake up early, bus to local grassroots organizations, and spend the whole day attending workshops and learning about issues relevant to the city. Our evenings are spent together in group reflections, trying new foods, and exploring the sights and sounds of our host city.

Requirements for future Alternative Spring Break programs:

  • Applicant must be a UC Santa Cruz student in good academic and judicial standing.
  • Attend a series of 3-4 mandatory pre-trip meetings throughout the winter quarter. 
  • Have a valid non-expired identification (driver’s license, state ID, passport).
  • Must be able to commit fully to the program following the first mandatory meeting.
  • Complete trip reflection/evaluation packet after the trip. 

Past ASBs:

From March 25-31, 2018, SVC traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana, to look at issues surrounding food deserts, environmental justice, and economic disparity in the city. Students had the opportunity to attend workshops and work with New Orleans nonprofits to better their understanding of topics both local and nationwide. The trip cost $250, with opportunities to subsidize fees. 

SVC thanks the following New Orleans-based organizations and community members for hosting our ASB group throughout the week:

  • Capstone 118
  • Lower Ninth Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development
  • Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum
  • Edible Schoolyard New Orleans
  • New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee and Pepper Bowen
  • Tekrema Center for Art and Culture and Peteh Haroon
  • The ACORN Farm
  • House of Dance and Feathers

Students attending the trip came back with knowledge of the communities devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and having met leaders in these communities working to tackle social justice issues in the city. Our 16 passionate students returned to Santa Cruz with new knowledge about the food and environmental issues present at home and with the passion to make a difference at both a local and global level.


Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the program or future ways to get involved. 

Email for any disability related accomodations or concerns.

  • ASB 2019 at Chief Seattle Club
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