Community Service Project Grant (CSP)

Are you part of a community organization? Are you inspired to make a change? Need help getting started? You’ve come to the right place! Our Community Service Project grants are designed for students with inspiration to make a change in the Santa Cruz community.


Application Deadline for Spring 2017:  Monday, May 8

Notification of Awards: Monday, May 15

Fulfillment of Items: Week 8, May 22-26

About the CSP Grant

▪     Applications are due one-quarter before implementation of the service projects.

▪     Applicants are required to attend a group information meeting and to meet with the Director to discuss the proposal before the application deadline.

▪     If you receive an award, the SVC Director will send you an award letter and a grant contract.

Eligibility: Who can apply?

Community Service Project Grants are available to individual UCSC students and student groups who are interested in designing and implementing quality, direct-service projects that address community needs or problems within Santa Cruz County.

▪     Grants will be given for community service projects that are student initiated and need seed money to get started

▪     Grants may be given to students looking to implement a new on-going program in the community

▪     Grants may also be given to students looking to facilitate a meaningful, short-term community service project

▪     Projects that continue on a yearly basis and have already received CSP Grant monies may be considered if sufficient evidence is given of a continually evolving program

▪     The student who submits the proposal must show evidence that they will be directly involved in the utilization of project funds

▪     Equipment and supplies may be funded if they are determined to be critical for the completion of the project organized and facilitated by the student applicant 


How do I apply?

To be eligible for the grant you must complete the packet which can be found here and bring it to an informational meeting during week 5, during which you will learn more about the grants and receive help work shopping your proposal.  These are mandatory to be considered for a grant. You must email the SVC Director Vivian Bossieux-Skinner at to schedule a mandatory meeting during week 5.

After you attend an informational meeting you will be asked to schedule another meeting during week 6 with Vivian to go over your proposal before submission. 

Note: Meetings are one hour long. If you cannot make a meeting due to classes or other commitments, please email Vivian at We will try to accommodate you.

Project Approval: What kinds or projects receive CSP Grants?

A CSP Grant may fund a wide variety of projects. Some examples of projects that have been awarded monies through CSP Grants include tutoring programs, homeless garden projects, and after school music programs. Typically, grants are awarded to projects that address real community needs that will offer long-term benefits for the community and any collaborating organizations. Each applicant is required to provide evidence in their proposal of the said community need and that he/she has initiated and planned the proposed project. 

Awards: How much money can be awarded through a CSP Grant and how will it be dispersed?

▪     Students may submit a proposal for a CSP Grant ranging from $100-$1,000.

▪     Grants may be approved in full or partial amount, depending on the decision made by the CSP Grant Committee.

▪     Grant monies will be given in the form of a purchase order to be spent at vendors listed in your original budget proposal.

Restrictions: What are the limitations for CSP Grant monies?

▪     CSP Grants are for off-campus projects within the Santa Cruz County 

▪     Awards for salaries will not be funded 

▪     Personal living expenses will not be funded 

▪     Rent will not be funded 

Funds will not be awarded retroactively (Note: funds cannot be awarded to a project that has already been completed.)